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p e l a g i n o i

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26/9/09 21:49 - ostanine - Three Latin Adventures

Kenny Clarke
                Francy Boland 
     Big Band

mp3@320 & FLAC


14/4/09 14:23 - ostanine - @ 320 kbps only

New Pelaginoi

Only music. Everything else stays here.
(including any music lower than 320kbps)

2/4/09 20:56 - ostanine - Silvia Telles

Sometimes I feel like I don't belong in our times. I listen to music which was
recorded years before I was born and I feel nostalgic. Is there something wrong with me?
I feel like there's something wrong with the ones who don't "get" this music.
I hope some of you will enjoy it even half as much as I do.

Silvia Telles works with Antonio Carlos Jobim as arranger and conductor on two tracks in this album.
(Click on the link underneath the album cover if you want to download it)

Sylvia Telles – Caricia (1957)

Sweet dreams everyone.

15/3/09 03:10 - ostanine - The Hungry Saw

I really wonder sometimes if anyone's listening...especially when
I upload stuff because it kills my internet connection while doing so..
...anyway, here's something quite new to me from the last album
of The Tindersticks named The Hungry Saw:

1.Yesterday Tomorrows



12/3/09 19:36 - ostanine - Antonio Carlos Jobim

Haven't posted here in a long time...I think being away from the actual place
makes me feel a bit weird when it comes to that.

Anyway...for the fans of Bossanova and Antonio Carlos Jobim here's a little
something in 320 kbps mp3:

Stone Flower

11/11/08 08:25 - ostanine - Nocturnal kitchen soccer

models are Mr. Loukas and his friend Suzy Loves. They are playing soccer in the kitchen of ΠΕΛΑΓΙΝΟΙ in August.
I just had to snap a couple of pictures.

26/9/08 21:06 - zmichalis - Alberto Iglesias & Sebastian Salgado


10/9/08 21:06 - zmichalis - Sculpture


6/9/08 04:52 - ostanine - When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls by the George Shearing Trio.

This is a snapshot of Suzanne. She asked me to shoot her with the lights of Aegina behind her as a memento
of her visit and I feel it came out nice. :)

Suzanne's links:
Model Mayhem
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